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What is FSSAI Cerificate?

  • The full form of FSSAI Is Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It is an autonomous body, which regulates the Food Safety and its Standard related issues in India. Food Safety which is also known as FSSAI was established in the year 2011. The main purpose of FSSAI Registration or FSSAI Certificate was to ensure the food safety and wholesomeness of food articles.

Benefits of food License?

The government of India has made FSSAI License compulsory for all the business persons who are dealing in the food category (i.e. Kiryana Store, Dhaba, Stall, Restaurant, Halwayi, Hawker, Hotels, Etc.). So the first thing is that it is compulsory. Below we have mentioned some of the benefits of Food License in India.

  1. Quality assurance of food you are getting.
  2. Legal Benefits
  3. Assist in Business Expansion
  4. Create Your Goodwill
  5. Create Customer Awareness

What is the type of FSSAI LICENSE?

There are 03 types of Food Safety Licenses and they are based on the total annual sales/ turnover of the business. Kindly check them below.

Basic FSSAI Certificate/ License: If annual sales/turnover is less than the 12 Lacs.

State FSSAI Certificate/ License: If annual sales/turnover is between 12 Lakh to 20 Crores.

Central FSSAI Certificate/ License: If annual sales/turnover is more than the 20 Crores.

Who require FSSAI LICENSW?

Food ProcessorHotel
ResellerHomemade food maker

What are Fee of FSSAI Registration?

The fee we have mentioned below is our professional fee. We will ask you to pay the government fee after complete your FSSAI Registration Form.

Basic FSSAI License: Rs. 1500/- (Excluding Govt. Fee) (Includes 01 Year Govt. Fee)

State FSSAI License: Rs. 2500/- (Excluding Govt. Fee) (Professional Fee)

Central FSSAI License: Rs. 2500/- (Excluding Govt. Fee) (Professional Fee)